Aqua-Liner, an aqua-bus touring Osaka's Okawa River, the Water Capital. Enjoy yourself while viewing Japanese esthetic scenery reflected on the surface of Okawa River during the changes season to season.

Route Information

Pier of Aqua-Liner

  • (1)Osakajo Pier
    Immediate west of Osaka-jo Koen of JR Loop Line (in front of Osaka-jo Hall)
  • (2)Hachiken-yahama Pier
    In Keihan Temmabashi Station./From subway Temmabashi Station soon.
  • (3)Yodoyabashi Pier
    Close to Yodoyabashi of Keihan Line and Subway Midosuji Line
  • (4)OAP Pier
    8 minites' walk toward southwest from Sakuranomiya of JR Loop Line

Landing Platform

(1):Osakajo Pier (2):Hachiken-yahama Pier (3):Yodoya-bashi Pier (4):OAP Pier

Time Required

60 minutes round trip
(20and 40 minute discount courses are available for cruising your chosen limited sections as well. Please refer to the fare list below.)

Boarding Fares (tax included)

Round trip from your chosen pier

Normal price Adult:1,700 yen
Child:850 yen
Special Spring Price Adult:2,000 yen
Child:1,000 yen

Sectional Boarding Fares

Pier you board at Pier you land at Normal price Special Spring price Time required
Adult Chidren Adult Chidren
(1)Osakajo Pier (3)Yodoyabashi Pier ¥940 ¥470 ¥1,100 ¥550 Approx.20min.
(4)OAP Pier ¥1,360 ¥680 ¥1,600 ¥800 Approx.40min.
(2)Hachiken-yahama Pier (4)OAP Pier ¥1,360 ¥680 ¥1,600 ¥800 Approx.30min.
(3)Yodoyabashi Pier (4)OAP Pier ¥940 ¥470 ¥1,100 ¥800 Approx.20min.
(1)Osakajo Pier ¥1,360 ¥680 ¥1,600 ¥550 Approx.40min.
(4)OAP Pier (1)Osakajo Pier ¥940 ¥470 ¥1,100 ¥800 Approx.20min.
(2)Hachiken-yahama Pier ¥1,360 ¥680 ¥1,600 ¥680 Approx.30min.
(3)Yodoyabashi Pier ¥1,360 ¥680 ¥1,600 ¥800 Approx.20min.

Sectional Boarding Fares

(1):10:00- (2):10:10 (3):10:20- (4):10:40-
*Every hour
*Cruise may be cancelled or landing platform or course altered as necessary for the sake of safety due to the weather or river condition.